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Interior doors how to face current development predicament?

      At present, the interior door industry with low barriers to entry, SMEs are still very much, the competition is fierce. For example, in Dongguan, dozens of interior doors enterprise, but really on the scale, not many high profile brand. Many small and medium enterprises to participate in international competition in the market at very low prices, meager profits rely on OEM production, once the industry structure change, the ability to resist risks low will allow businesses struggling to survive.

      Insiders agreed that: The interior doors industry in China is only the adjustment of product structure, improve the product quality of the interior doors, and enhance product technology content of the interior doors, and constantly improve the service system, open up new markets and innovative in order to change the status quo.

Present, China interior doors industry development, in the face of many unfavorable factors, how to avoid the various risks, such as policy risk, operational risk, brand risk, strategic risk, etc. Here is the recipe given by industry experts:

The use of new materials, development of new products

      Policies on new energy saving and environmental protection requirements, is bound to raise the threshold of the industry, to promote interior doors enterprise survival of the fittest, upgrading the industrial structure. For this reason, enterprises should change the old ideas, new materials to develop new interior doors and improve their competitiveness. In fact, the abolition of the export tax rebate of interior doors, do not include furniture of high value-added new products. This indicates that the national support of the interior doors to higher value-added products.

Focus on the comprehensive utilization of resources, and reduce production costs

      The interior doors enterprises should pay attention to the development of new products and new materials research utilization through scrap recycling, veneer mending processing spell you can use the new method, not only can improve material utilization of the interior doors, but also reduce the cost.

      Currently, interior doors prices operation encountered a lot of difficulties, some enterprises have resulted in a loss due to poor management, professional managers can not skillfully controlling the company management, not changes in the industry environment, the effective formulation and implementation of appropriate competitive strategy, poor management capacity, so the lack of professional managers with the times is the main reason. Therefore must start from the nurturing of talents, to establishing suitable selection of the operation and development of the company, improve the employment mechanism.

Brand-name industry, target market segments

      The current interior doors enterprises should pay attention to cultivate its own brand, to change a single low-end products, the amount of walking, "the situation to change the fate of our interior doors can only enter the low-end market, otherwise it is impossible to enter the European market on a large scale. The same time, the integration of the interior doors industry, should the quantity expansion to quality raise up. Improve the technological content of products, the introduction of state-of-the-art processing equipment to improve the accuracy of the process, improve product quality, grade, and enhance the competitiveness of their products, and to expand the new market.

      With China's rapid economic development and the enhancement of residents' spending power, the domestic consumer market of interior doors is gradually growing up, the interior doors enterprises should actively adjust the product structure, and greater efforts to develop the domestic market. In short, the vicissitudes of the market uncertainty and industry situation, decided the interior doors industry market is a long way to go, but as long as we build confidence, and strengthen the measures and execution, and continuously improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the interior doors, build their own strong brand, and build their own core competitiveness and marketing network, we will be able to promote the process of the development of the industry of interior doors, sustainable enterprises to advance steadily.

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