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Interior doors selection techniques

        1,look at the style and color. The purpose is to decorate the house and create a warm and harmonious living environment, so when choosing the doors first thing to consider is the style and color of the wooden doors with room style harmonize with. Smooth sober decor on the choice of simple and elegant style; brisk think we chose light with elegant; classic comfort is decorated with heavy refined. In summary, the proposed option style class close acquaintance,
        2,and then by color. Good color matching is a key element Dianran room, so we followed after determining the style to consider is the color with the color of the room with the doors. The basic color is similar chromaticity room attached to the main point of comparison factors to mention, we can put a large room ambient color and brightness of the image to be divided, the three color; walls, floors, furniture and soft furnishings. Basically keeping these three colors can be, and do not benefit too much. Wooden color can be considered close to the color of furniture, such as the ground floor walls are white with dark wooden doors Bignoniaceae. Compare both the environment and maintain the harmonized color. If you are not sure or do not have much in the case of guidance professionals recommend this "by" approach, do not always think everywhere contrast, in fact, the environment has been compared, as long as you will find a large color door environment either near, or on the ground or walls or furniture, then the difference in the details about it, such as doors with ground wood texture distinguish match. As for the measure by which color you want to open the actual situation.
        3,touch feel. Color models thoughtful after, followed by technology and product quality problems. We are less likely to go to the factory to see how he stared processed, only the process to assess the quality of the product by means of a simple test appearance. Here to teach you the word: hand side light touch and see. Hand stroked the door frame, panel, around the corner from scratch requires no feeling, soft and delicate, then stood side door welcome light to see whether there is paint surface irregularities door waves. Basically the lower two can know the work eligibility.
        4,test materials and relevant qualification certificates factory. But we can not say by more satisfaction assured can buy wooden doors, wooden doors inner material is what? It is environmentally friendly? Here we can examine three aspects; First, try to choose a reputable brand manufacturers, the China Timber Circulation Association Wooden Door Commission held in Beijing wood industry the Assembly, through rigorous research study selected Chinese enterprises doors 30 member . These manufacturers in the scale on product quality and service system are more standardized. Second, by the looks for manufacturers of control related qualification relevant industry standards are complete real, to measure its product mix is ​​what. Third, by looking at the note before installing the lock hole portion of the internal timber, final checks.

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