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Solid wood door how to match
Color selection
      Dark brown walnut gives a sense of dignity, while light brown cherry wood makes people feel warm and comfortable. The doors from the selection of the different species, showing a wood texture and color be the most changeful. Therefore, consistent selection and room decoration style wooden doors, will make the bedroom considerably.
      Professional designers suggest that, first of all, the color of the wooden doors to be harmonious with the room. When the main indoor color is light colored, should be selected such as white oak, birch, mixed oil and other cool colordepartments wooden doors; when the main tone in a room for the dark, should be chosen as teak, Sabili, walnut and other warm wooden doors. Wooden doors of the choice should pay attention to color and furniture, the ground should be similar to the color, and the color contrast with the walls, so that it is conducive to create a sense of space atmosphere.
      Secondly, the wooden doors and bedroom decoration style is consistent with the style. General Home Furnishing decorative style is mainly divided into European, Chinese, simple, classical style, such as indoor decoration design is to curve as the mainstream elements of the wooden doors of the style should be based on the curve for the ideal collocation, and vice versa. In addition, wooden doors and wood should also be as far as possible in accordance with the interior furniture of wood, in order to achieve the best room decoration effect.
      Solid wood door, whether it is the material, or the texture is the best. Solid wood doors elegant, never vulgar. Although we are emphasizing energy conservation, but after all the more beautiful and comfortable and environmentally friendly wood. Now the Home Furnishing decoration, a single project investment scale every year increased, from this point of view, the high-end goalkeeper will be more and more into the homes of ordinary people.
      From the solid wood door design style, some of the more refined style door, will give consumers and designers to provide a wider choice. Today's consumers, although also pay attention to economic and practical, but more than ever to pursue the personality and style of consumer demand, will drive the design of a more diverse wooden doors. At the same time, a group of more clear division of wood door manufacturers, there will be more clearly belong to their own consumer groups.
      Outside the door, always four seasons, the door, but always the four seasons like spring. Choose a good door, and sometimes also choose a beautiful beginning of a beautiful life!

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